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Discovering Lake Superior
Discovering Lake Superior

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Tom Warren is Emeritus Professor of Education & Youth Studies at Beioit College where his scholarly interests have focused on comparative education, creativity, and teacher preparation in a liberal arts setting. He and his wife, Anna Marie (“Mim") have owned property on Lake Superior since 1970. They added a cabin in 1978.

Discovering Lake Superior draws from his decades of observing the lake and the Western Upper Peninsula. It is memoir rather than history, meaning that it leans heavily on Warren's perspective and experiences. The intention is to provide one "outsider's" point of view regarding the lake, the land, animals, shelter, and solitude, The facts reveal his affection for and curiosity about the topics.

Tom and Mim reside in Beioit, Wisconsin with frequent trips to their Upper Peninsula cabin and to Wheaton, Illinois where they visit their daughter Rachel, son-in-law David and grandchildren Jack and Will.

His book entitled An Old Caddie Looks Back about golf and Tiger Woods was first published in 2007 with a second edition in 2009. It is available via Barnes & Noble on line.

Visit Tom on line via thomasfranklinwarren.com

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